Development Goals for

Enhanced Gameplay

lollipop eater x's missions were short and lacked depth. X2 aims to enhance the gameplay experience as much as possible.

More Weapons

lollipop eater x consisted of a single weapon with few upgrades. X2 will feature several different weapons as well as individual upgrades.

Improved Graphics

Originally a Klik & Play game, lollipop eater x kept old sprites. X2 will feature a new selection of sprites from Multimedia Fusion's library.

Extra Sound Effects

lollipop eater x lacked sufficient sound effects, and X2 seeks to improve the audio experience.


Originally planned for lollipop eater x, X2 will feature a four player simultaneous co-op mode.

Save Feature

lollipop eater x employed a password system, whereas X2 will use game saves.

Reduced System Requirements

Cleaner development will lead to lower system requirements.

Reduced File Size

An effort will be made to reduce the size of the game without compromising X2 in any way.